My Biggest Regret

My biggest regret is when I took life less seriously. During my 9th grade year in high school, I hung around a group of people that were nothing but drama. I only hung around them because it was hard for me to make friends and I knew someone in that group. One day in the hallway, I decided to play with this guy that later became my boyfriend. I deeply regret this decision because this guy was nothing but trouble and was nothing but a waste of time. Throughout that toxic relationship, I devoted more attention to him when I shouldn’t have. I should’ve taken that same attention and directed it towards my education so I could’ve had better opportunities than what I have now. I spent my 10th and 11th grade year lolly gagging with someone that did nothing but start drama in my life. All he did was cheat, talk about me to my family members, and create more tension between my oldest sister and I. When I devoted my attention towards people like him and other negative things, I lost opportunities that I envied other people for. I could’ve been in college if I didn’t waste time on the wrong things so now I’m fighting to be in school. If I had made the right decisions back then, I would’ve been better than what I am now but it doesn’t hurt to try harder each day. I have to learn that my negative past experiences shouldn’t stop me from trying to become someone positive.


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