Red bubble review!

Hey everyone, my name is Sierra and today I’m going to discuss my experience on redbubble. Honestly, I was looking for a Rin okumura sticker and couldn’t find it anywhere. I’ve tried looking on Amazon and ebay, but I couldn’t find anything. When I typed in “Rin okumura sticker” in the search engine, that’s when I found out about redbubble. Personally I looked at the reviews and other people’s experiences before getting my stickers. On the same day, I bought a Jak and Daxter sticker since I was a huge fan of the game as a child! When my stickers arrived (it didn’t take a long time), it came in a red envelope. As soon as I opened it, I fell in love because the stickers were colorful. Not to mention that they stick really well to my laptop! I bought more stickers from this website and so far I’m in love with redbubble. It’s my go to place for stickers and I also like that it’s a place for artist to share their work.


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