I want to know

Why you hurt me the way you did

I thought you would change

But you act like a little kid

You caused a lot of pain

That I’m trying to heal from

Do you care about the damage you’ve done?

I hope one day you see your manipulating ways

Because you need to learn a lesson

If I had the courage

I would ask you that question



It’s crazy how you tried to break me

You didn’t care that we were family

I watched you laugh at my agony

All because you were unhappy

I tried to forgive you

Even though you did things

Family shouldn’t do

I think I find it funny

That you don’t want to see me happy


I can’t wrap my head around

The things that were done to me

Ever since I was young

I’ve always felt lonely

They don’t understand my pain

Or what drives me insane

They only care about who

They are trying to frame

Just Listen

Sometimes I wish you would listen to me

Everytime I turn around

It’s the same old thing

Whenever I talk to you

I can’t speak my mind

Because you want to argue each time

Can you listen to my words for once?

And act like you care

All I want is for someone to be there

I’ve spent years trying to figure out

Why you treat me this way

I still don’t know the answer

Until this day

As days go by,

You pretend everything is fine

I wish you would understand

That you’re the one

Who crossed the line

How could you tell me you love me

How could you tell me you love me

And not mean a word

I sat by your side

Even when you got hurt

I never wanted to let you go

This is something you should know

How could you be so cold

You played with my feelings

Like a joke

Bad Boy

When I was younger

I dated a “bad boy”

Every blue moon he would see me

I couldn’t talk to him about anything

The way he acted was unforgiving

He didn’t want a relationship

He wanted a girl he could use

And play the same games with them too


Why is it hard to find

A man who enjoys my time?

I refuse to be in a relationship

Built on betrayal and lies

I’m tired of being disrespected

And tears falling from my eyes

I want to be treated like a queen

Someday I hope to find

The right man for me


I can’t help but to feel lost

I made bad decisions

Not realising how much it would cost

Repairing the damage seems impossible

Because of the time I wasted

One day I hope to achieve my dream

And say I made it

Tangled web

My thoughts is like a tangled web

I can’t stop thinking of the thoughts I’ve held

Being hurt repeatedly is hard to forget

It’s a never ending cycle of torment

I can’t think straight on most days

But I use laughter to keep a frown off my face

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