Why is it hard to find

A man who enjoys my time?

I refuse to be in a relationship

Built on betrayal and lies

I’m tired of being disrespected

And tears falling from my eyes

I want to be treated like a queen

Someday I hope to find

The right man for me


Tangled web

My thoughts is like a tangled web

I can’t stop thinking of the thoughts I’ve held

Being hurt repeatedly is hard to forget

It’s a never ending cycle of torment

I can’t think straight on most days

But I use laughter to keep a frown off my face

Nothing can save you

I gave my all to you baby

You threw it away

I don’t care if you didn’t mean it

You should’ve never cheated

Nothing can save you

Nothing can save you baby

I gave you my trust

And you can’t be trusted

Go after that girl you was lustin

Is it worth it?

Ive never been in love

Nor do I know how it feels like

I’ve been in relationships

Filled with betrayal and strife

I don’t know if I’m meant for love

But I’ve came to the conclusion to stop trying

Maybe love isn’t worth finding

Face the truth

How could you expect me to stand by you?

You’re the one that cheated

And told everything we did

I gave you a listening ear

Along with my heart

You took everything and threw it away

Didn’t ask if I was okay

Understand that we don’t belong together

I realise that I deserve better


Someone once said I looked depressed

Well, I have something to get off my chest

No one knows the anger inside of me

To be ignored by everyone

Or the person I was becoming

People made me feel ugly

And the teachers did nothing

I doubted myself for years

Because negativity was all I heard

I had friends tell me they were my friends

But they went back on their word

Understand my anger

As it runs through my veins

Poetry helps me stay sane

Treat me how I want to be treated

Treat me with respect

Not heartbreak and neglect

Show me that you care

And simply be there

Backup your words with action

Show me that i am your main attraction

I want this love to last forever

I want you to be my sweater

In cold weather

I want to put my trust in you

And for you to support me

In whatever I do


Her heart couldn’t take all the lies he said

And the messages from different women

She gave him chance after chance

Thinking he would change

But he took it as a joke

And stayed the same

After all the drama

She had enough with his games


You were nothing but poison

It feels like I took a dose of bad luck

My life isn’t the same

And it’s because of you

Why were you the option

I had to choose

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