When we first met

It was love at first sight

I tried pushing you away

And deep down I knew it wasn’t right

It took me a while to realize

That you’re the one I want

You showed me what love is

And forgave me for what I did

I never thought I’d find love

Until that day you sat next to me

If you asked me what I love about you

I’d say everything


Time for change

If I want to change

I have to do it for myself

I can’t think about the past

Or compare my life to anyone else

I felt guilty for being different

For years, I’ve decided to keep myself hidden

I’m tired of looking at the bad things in life

I am ready for change

And to have a positive look on life

I understand my emotions is holding me back

It’s time for me to be stronger

To improve on the things I lack

Suicidal thoughts

Don’t let suicidal thoughts consume you

Those thoughts aren’t true

Your life is valuable

No matter what you’ve been through

Suicidal thoughts makes you believe

No one cares about you

Or you cannot succeed

I’m here to tell you to keep pushing

Don’t give up

Don’t listen to negativity

Remember who you are

And that you have a bright future to see


I see kids wanting someone to talk to

But no one is there

They think that no one cares

I hate seeing kids cry

Because I know how it feels like

The tears falling down on their face

Makes me want to give them a hug

If I had the chance I would tell them not to give up

If I had the chance

If I had the chance to look in your eyes

I would thank you for being by my side

When we were kids, I ignored you

And you still defended me

You were there through the good

And the ugly

I thank you for your generosity

Long walk home

I took a long walk home yesterday

It gave me the chance to clear my head

And the scenic views took my breath away

I didn’t care if it was chilly outside

I stood there watching the trees blow

Until it was time to go inside

New beginnings

I don’t care that I lost friends

They weren’t friends to begin with

All I need is myself

And the people that rock with me

I’m ready for a new start

To a new beginning

Have hope

Don’t let what people say get to you

They don’t know how it feels

To walk in your shoes

Do not give into those negative thoughts

Because you are worth more than what you know

Do not give up!

Have hope!

Keep fighting !

Dear bully,

Why pick on someone

Who has done nothing to you

I don’t care if they’re silent

Or if they’re new

Do you know how it feels

To think about negative thoughts?

Or use your room as a shield?

Instead of speaking negativity

Start speaking positivity

It’s time to come together

And begin to grow

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