I can’t wrap my head around

The things that were done to me

Ever since I was young

I’ve always felt lonely

They don’t understand my pain

Or what drives me insane

They only care about who

They are trying to frame


How could you tell me you love me

How could you tell me you love me

And not mean a word

I sat by your side

Even when you got hurt

I never wanted to let you go

This is something you should know

How could you be so cold

You played with my feelings

Like a joke

I was there

When you needed someone to talk to

I tried being there for you

Every time you called

I stopped everything I was doing

Just to hear your voice again

You will never understand

How much I cared about you

I spent hours on the phone

To make sure you’re doing fine

I didn’t care if we were friends around that time

Bad Boy

When I was younger

I dated a “bad boy”

Every blue moon he would see me

I couldn’t talk to him about anything

The way he acted was unforgiving

He didn’t want a relationship

He wanted a girl he could use

And play the same games with them too

Time for change

If I want to change

I have to do it for myself

I can’t think about the past

Or compare my life to anyone else

I felt guilty for being different

For years, I’ve decided to keep myself hidden

I’m tired of looking at the bad things in life

I am ready for change

And to have a positive look on life

I understand my emotions is holding me back

It’s time for me to be stronger

To improve on the things I lack


Why is it hard to find

A man who enjoys my time?

I refuse to be in a relationship

Built on betrayal and lies

I’m tired of being disrespected

And tears falling from my eyes

I want to be treated like a queen

Someday I hope to find

The right man for me


Dealing with the past is my greatest demon

I could be sitting down

And think of the past for no reason

How could I fix the future

If I don’t know who I am

Sometimes I feel like my life was a big sham


When I was empty

No one supported me

No one cared on what I was accomplishing

I spent years wasting time

And focusing on the wrong things

It’s hard getting my life together

I’m trying to pick up the pieces

Of a person that’s shattered

Deep thoughts

When I was in school

I made good grades

My biggest regret happened

As my life began to change

I didn’t take education seriously like I used to

Because of the nonsense I was into

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