When we first met

It was love at first sight

I tried pushing you away

And deep down I knew it wasn’t right

It took me a while to realize

That you’re the one I want

You showed me what love is

And forgave me for what I did

I never thought I’d find love

Until that day you sat next to me

If you asked me what I love about you

I’d say everything


I was there

When you needed someone to talk to

I tried being there for you

Every time you called

I stopped everything I was doing

Just to hear your voice again

You will never understand

How much I cared about you

I spent hours on the phone

To make sure you’re doing fine

I didn’t care if we were friends around that time


Day by day I wonder

What life would be like if you were here

Losing you was my biggest fear

Now I can’t stop the tears

If only I showed you I cared

You would think of the memories we shared

I wanted to protect you

I didn’t care who knew

When you left me

You took my heart too

Never let go

If I ever fall in love one day

I never want to let him go

I want to get to know him

And I want to take things slow

Being in a relationship isn’t about looks

It’s about growth

I want to be their shoulder to cry on

When they’re feeling down

I want to be their greatest cheerleader

All year around

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